Finally! Organic Smackdown!

For months now I have been getting emails, mailings, phone calls encouraging me to support the “Organic Checkoff“. VERY slick mailings with beautiful sepia-toned pictures of organic happy things,but what is it? Not a lot of substance in the marketing materials. It all sounds good and reasonable, but is there another side to the story? Finally this morning I got this in my email. That is one angry looking farmer dude! Sounds like not everyone is on board. What to do?

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Meanwhile on the farm things continue to grow in the lovely summer weather! Scenes from the new orchard block

wp-1467299495014.jpg wp-1467299472008.jpg wp-1467299527620.jpg


Speaking of fires in the morning……

They always remind me of this song, which is by the way the official song of Upper Valley Farms (for today)

I was 19 years old and a backcountry ranger for the Green Mountain Club on Glastenbury Mountain in southern Vermont when this song went viral (they didn’t call it that then) and I remember belting it out from the top of the fire tower. Good times

I love the smell of slash fuel in the morning….

Had been meaning to burn all the crap that accumulates for some time, but couldn’t decide on a location for the new burn pile. The old one was in the view shed and had to go. Last night I piled it all behind the bin pile near the goat pasture, and this morning I got up and applied a little “three parts diesel and one part gas”







It was pretty much over in a half hour


Speaking of fires, we had an oil train fire in the gorge yesterday. The ominous clouds of smoke appeared briefly over Middle Mountain, but the Lord’s of the West blew them back towards Mordor.

Most people don’t know this, but we have our own oil train here at upper valley farms. We keep it parked along the east property line. When farming gets slow we hand-drill and pump only the finest artisanal certified organic petroleum products, hand-pack it with care in our tank cars, and ship it off for hipsters to use when they drive their cars to oil train protests


This post was 100% written on my smart phone! What an incredible pain in the rump! I will never do it again!

Its been a long time….. 2015, the lost year

Ooops, what happened to 2015? Not the greatest fruit year (my off year). Here are a few random photos

Panama Canal, February

Roberto getting the trees in the ground in March


Double header to Parkdale. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing anything but stored oil cars this year

IMG_20150418_165448785Ah, the 1978 Econoline! It is gone now, but not forgotten



Got a “new” weed badger and a genuine Woods offset mower this year!

October 9: Fruit is ready NOW!



40# boxes will be ready for sale this weekend! Pallets of 40# tray-packed boxes available to order. Bin sales available now! We will probably have bins of culls available next week and beyond. Call 541-490-6644 or stop by! Fantastic year for fruit!

Late August, 2014:

This years Jonagold crop is looking fantastic! We should have tons of beautiful fruit to sell this year; please contact us if you are interested in purchasing some. We will have 40# and 20# boxes, either individually of on pallets, as well as unsorted bins (#800).

DSC04221 DSC04220 DSC04213

We just finished bud grafting ~3,000 new apple trees. Mostly cider varieties, but some delicious table varieties as well. Bud Grafting Guru Will Mooney was here for a week getting the job done! Thanks Will!

Will out in the nursery
New wrapped bud graft
Last years grafted bud